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Published to Quadro Magazine

Another publication in the books is Quadro Magazine. This was a challenging shoot in many ways. Any time I've attempted to do movement with a model I get blurring the clothing, hair, etc. which drives me insane. Luckily I got a set of new strobe last year that I could put in action mode and play around with flash duration. I attempted to add my beginner set 400-watt Elinchrom strobe to the mix and realized that because of its flash duration, it caused ghosting. It was an interesting experience and experiment to see!

The other challenge was to attempt to publish this in a different magazine whose editorial standards were much more strict. It was the first time a model pushed me out of my comfort zone to email a bunch of magazines introducing myself and hoping I don't get rejected. Unfortunately, these did not get accepted to any of those. But I did receive a rejection notice from one of them which meant they thought it was worth looking at! What's probably missing is the high-end fashion styling. We sourced from fast fashion places which isn't bad as it saves on cost. But magazines of higher standards prefer high fashion brands. Moving forward working with high-end brands might be a learning curve to elevate these shoots but a move into more advanced publications.

I am certainly not disappointed with the Quadro Magazine at all! It's a beautifully designed magazine and I am grateful for their publication.

Quadro Magazine cover

The team behind this shoot was amazing to work with. I got to meet a whole new set of people I've never worked with before and they all elevated the shoot in their way with their unique talents.

Juliet reached out because she liked my style and thought I could handle the movement and freezing of action. Greer had reached out for a while and we never got to work together until now. She's pretty new to working on set but I think she did a wonderful job! Patrisha was the first time we met, but I love her style already!


Creative Director & Model: - Juliet Sora @juliet.sora

Photographer: Nirvaani Singh @studionirvaani 

Hair & Makeup by: Greer Brooks @gbrooks_hmu

Styling by: Patrisha Alpay @styledbypatrisha

If you're interested in ordering the magazine, you can purchase it here.



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