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Published to Chicle Magazine

Updated: May 6

In the world of photography, pushing boundaries and challenging norms is the essence of creativity. Recently, I embarked on a conceptual journey that sought to challenge traditional notions of masculinity and femininity. By placing a male model in a feminine studio setting and incorporating elements of metallics and golds, I aimed to blur the lines between gender roles and create a visually striking narrative. Join me as I delve into the process of bringing this innovative editorial to life which was published to Chicle Magazine.

Man with tattoos with green shades, jean jacket and silver pants looking off to the side

I thank my lovely makeup artist Rhythm for finding this studio's new setup and wanting to create a concept. Originally I had a female in mind, but Moneyy reached out and I had to jump on this one. I imagined the male with a male edge combined with the soft drapes for something truly unique.

Preto Loft became our playground, a canvas upon which we could explore the interplay between masculinity and femininity. Soft delicate fabrics and elegant furnishings transformed the space into a haven of femininity, providing the perfect backdrop for our experiment. Against this backdrop, the allure of metallics and golds took on a new dimension, infusing the scene with a sense of opulence and intrigue.

Conceptualization and Collaboration: At the heart of this project was the concept of juxtaposition – juxtaposing the masculine with the feminine, the rugged with the delicate. With this vision in mind, I collaborated with a talented stylist, Josi who brought a fresh perspective to the table. She saw my original mood board adorned with sharp lines and very K-pop-inspired outfits. She knew well that I wanted something almost out of this world, alien-like, structured and sharp. She blended the metallics with structured shapes, feminine fabrics and edge jewellery to create a sense of harmony and contrast.

The Role of Makeup and Styling: Central to the success of our concept was the expertise of our makeup artist, Rhythm. She skillfully crafted looks that highlighted the model's features while adding a touch of drama and allure. Bold eyes and shimmering gold accents enhance the model's natural beauty and underscore the theme of opulence.

We went a little crazy with this one. While Josi brought in more outfits than I was expecting, taking off jackets and adding different accessories gave us more looks than expected. This also meant more editing on my end, ha!

Capturing the Essence: As the photographer as well, my job was to capture each photo perfectly. This meant slowing down, seeing the shot, changing my angle and capturing that moment when I saw it. I wanted each frame to look like a shot captured in a magazine. I wanted so much more for this shoot than making Moneyy look good.

Model Work: What can I say about Moneyy? It was a pleasure to work with him. He knew his angles and I didn't need to do much coaching. He brought life and energy to the shoot he added that extra chef's kiss. He was so open to ideas and added his own to make this shoot one that I remember as the best on-location shoot I've done to date.

In the end, our experiment in gender juxtaposition proved to be a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration. By challenging traditional norms and embracing the beauty of duality, we created a visual narrative that transcended gender and spoke to the universal themes of strength, vulnerability, and self-expression. As the images from our shoot came to life, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in what we had accomplished – a bold exploration of identity, beauty, and the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.


Creative Directors: Nirvaani Singh @studionirvaani & Rhythm Malhotra @artistrybyrhythm

Photographer & Retoucher: Nirvaani Singh @studionirvaani 

Hair and Makeup by: Rhythm Malhotra @artistrybyrhythm

Model - Moneyy Nguyen @moneyy.nguyen

Styling by: Josi Manzoangani @styledby__jm 

Studio: Preto Loft @pretoloft

If you're interested in ordering the magazine, you can purchase it here.


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