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Nirvaani Singh headshot image for Studio Nirvaani

Hi there, I am Nirvaani.


A published portrait and fashion photographer. 


If you've made it through this far perusing my site, welcome. Here is where I strive to transform your vision into captivating imagery. With a passion for thinking outside the box and bringing creativity to each shoot, I specialize in tailored editorial-style experiences that transcend mere photography—it's about crafting moments and narratives that reflect your unique style and aspirations. Your photoshoot will push boundaries and challenge what it means to take a portrait.

I understand you are different, with your own goal to achieve and story to tell.  This is where I work with you to craft a customized photo shoot to understand your vision, preferences and objectives to craft something that speaks to you. Whether that's a professional headshot, fashion photography or portraits where you feel like a model, I am dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. 

Often we don't take time out to do a photo shoot.

I hear

  • I don't put myself first.

  • I need to lose weight first.

  • Life is too busy right now to take pictures.

You may not feel like you have the right clothes or look to take a picture. Well... this is where I help! We consult on wardrobe, hair and makeup to elevate your photos and make your shoot one to remember. If you're a budding model, an entrepreneur or someone who needs a little model makeover, I am here to support your shoot and make you walk away with photos that support your goals. You will transform through my lens and see yourself in a new light. Everyone who steps in front of my camera says, "I didn't think I could look like that!".


The art of creating something more, something unique and something that my clients can celebrate at all stages of their lives fills me with such joy. Support your business. Be a model for a day. Take pictures at all stages of your life. Forget your flaws. Your pictures will remain forever. They reflect each journey and triumph.


You're amazing... let me show you.




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