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Studio Nirvaani about image

Hi there, I am Nirvaani.


A portrait and fashion photographer. 


Who says fashion photos are only for celebrities? Why not push yourself outside of your comfort zone, reimagine yourself in a high-fashion way and experience what it is like to feel like a model for a day? You can look like a model at any stage or age. Don't place limits on yourself because you think you have flaws. You can experience this! Let me bring you in front of my camera. Let me style you. Let me create that incredible concept for you. You'll never think you could look like this. 

As a locally and internationally published photographerI specialise in editorial-style photos. My true passion is combining fashion photography with portraiture, conceptualizing that perfect photoshoot. If it's creative, then I've already imagined the perfect concept and shot! Your photoshoot will push boundaries and challenge what it means to take a portrait.


I often hear

  • I don't put myself first.

  • I am overweight, not pretty enough.

  • Life is too busy right now to take pictures.

You may not feel you have the right clothes or look to take a picture. It is my job to take even the simplest things and make them look fashionable! You will transform through my lens and see yourself in a new light. Everyone who steps in front of my camera says, "I didn't think I could look like that!".


The art of creating something more, something unique and something that my clients can celebrate at all stages of their lives fills me with such joy. Take pictures of every stage of your life and in business. Take pictures even though you think you have flaws. Take pictures because memories fade, and your photos will be a reflection of each moment and triumph.


You're amazing... let me show you.




Vigour - Beautica - Off Town  - LA MODÈLE - Marika - Elléments - GMARO 

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