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Publication to Marika Magazine

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Sixth publication to Marika Magazine, a New York magazine. I am certainly losing track of all the publications! I had to team up again with my favourite girl, Rhythm who created the fabulous makeup looks. Tunjot modelled a contemporary Indian-fusion look meshing the world of modern clothing with a hint of Indian flair.

Marika model in a white dress

This was probably the most challenging shoot to date. I don't typically step outside. But thought it would be a good challenge to create a fashion image by the beach and boy, I think we pulled it off!

This was shot in Oakville's beautiful South Shell Park at high noon! Probably the worst time to photograph because of the bright sun. But I used that high-contrast sun to my advantage to get some edgy photos of the stunning Tunjot. The jewellery accessories were provided by me. A huge thank you to my mom who let me raid her jewellery collection!

If you're interested in ordering the magazine, you can purchase it here.


Photographer/Creative Director - Nirvaani Singh @studionirvaani

Model - Tunjot Benipal @tunjotbenipal

Hair & Makeup Artist - Rhythm @artistrybyrhythm


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