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5 Ways to Improve Your Editorial Photography

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I recently had the opportunity to attend an editorial lighting workshop where we shot three different looks. My first workshop experience was a blast! It made me think differently with how I approach editorial photography. I started to pay attention to the poses, clothing, lighting setup an and the amazing backdrops that we shot against. This made me realize that there are so many ways to enhance my editorial photography. Here are my 5 tips to step up your editorial photography!

Glamour Editorial Photography Model in Mississauga
Perfectly placed furniture can really amp up your editorial shoot.

1) Use Existing Furniture

It’s amazing what a few good pieces of furniture can do for an glamour editorial shoot. If you prefer not to spend money on new furniture I recommend looking at your existing furniture in a new way. Sometimes the existing set up of your home may make not bring out the best in your furniture, so positioning it differently or isolating it from its existing environment will make it stand out on its own. Using plants, books and carpet can create an interesting set up for your photo shoot.

Glamour Editorial Photography in Brampton
Timing is everything in this shot. Longer fabrics take longer to peak.

2) Playing with Fabric Attaching a piece of fabric to your model and throwing it up in the air can create interesting lines. It helps to have an assistant who will help throw the fabric in the air. The trick is to have fabric that’s a bit long so it’s slower to fall. This way you have more time to watch the fabric to capture that perfect angle.

Glamour Editorial Photographer in Brampton
The white and blue textured wall makes for an interesting backdrop.

3) Using Different Backgrounds Using fabric background either black or white are great bases for editorial photography. Using bristol board is a great way to start simple. If you're really sick and tired of shooting on white and black background, try using different colour backdrops. Have any spare paint lying around? Try painting a wall with some texture.

Male Model Advertising Photography in Brampton
Don't be afraid to use what's around you to inspire an editorial shoot.

4) Nature

Nature is so beautiful. Why not use what’s around you to create interesting images. Use nature as backdrops for your glamour photography. This image above was taken by a very small vine wall against a house. The way it was shot and framed makes you think it was a big vine wall! The vine wall adds a dimension of softness to this editorial shoot and gives interesting texture to the image.

Glamour Photographer in Oakville
Composite a few wind images and now you have your Vogue shot.

5) Wind Is Your Friend

Use wind to create a dynamic image. Having a fan would be great. But hey, sometimes we have to be creative. For the image above, I had an assistant help fan the model with a reflector.

What tricks and tips have you tried? Share them here.


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