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10 Beach Locations in Ontario

We all know that finding that perfect location for photography can add so much to our photos. I've compiled a list of beach locations in Ontario.

1) Lakeside Park

Location: Mississauga

Permit Needed: No

Located in Mississauga, Lakeside Park is a unique beach surrounded by iconic red rocks. It's a beautiful spot for photos, especially for golden hour photography.

2) Charles Daley Park

Location: Lincoln

Permit Needed: No

I recently visited Charles Daley Park. It's a great park with lots of amenities. What's unique about this park is one side of the beach is white sand with beautiful waters. The other side houses a lily pad lake surrounded by tall trees. There was also a really cool log that I saw a little girl posing on.

3) Lakeside Park Beach

Location: St. Catherines

Permit Needed: Yes

Yes, there is another Lakeside Park... who knew? I also recently visited this beach as well. Just like Charles Daley, it is surrounded by white sand and blue waters.

4) Cherry Beach

Location: Toronto

Permit Needed: Yes

Located in Toronto, this beach houses white sand beaches and beautiful greenery. This is definitely a prime location for beautiful family and engagement photography. Because it is located in Toronto, do expect to get a permit before you can actually shoot at this location.

5) Scarborough Bluffs

Location: Scarborough

Permit Needed: Yes

Um... this is probably one of the most amazing locations. Imagine white-sand beaches facing a tall escarpment. It's no wonder you see many photographers shooting at this location.

6) South Shell Park

Location: Oakville

Permit Needed: No

South Shell Park is a beautiful beach location in Oakville surrounded by white sand. There is also a small gazebo perfect for family and couple photos.

7) Lakeside Park

Location: Oakville

Permit Needed: No

This is the last Lakeside Park... I promise. This beach is located in Oakville. Just like Mississauga's Lakeside Park, it is a rock beach. Oakville's Lakeside Park is surrounded by white rocks, unlike Mississauga's location which has red rocks.

8) Sugar Beach

Location: Toronto

Permit Needed: Yes

This iconic Toronto beach is known for its red umbrellas and splash pad. If you are looking for a unique look than just your standard sandy beaches, this is definitely the place to go.

9) Port Dover Beach

Location: Norfolk County

Permit Needed: No

Port Dover is located 2 hours away from Toronto. There is no better place to see palm trees than in Port Dover.

10) Dunes Beach

Location: Prince Edward County

Permit Needed: Call to confirm

Dunes Beach is the largest barrier dune formation located in Prince Edward County. For those of you who have visited Prince Edward County, you already know that it is a beautiful location for photography. This beach is the site to see with perfect grassy areas and expansive sandy shores.

I hope you enjoyed this list and help you plan your next photoshoot location. Please give this blog post a like if you enjoyed reading it.


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