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10 Reasons Not to Date a Photographer

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I came across a really funny blog post about 41 reasons not to date a photographer. I decided to try my version of it.

1) They'll bore you with technical talk.

Photographers are problem solvers. They look for creative solutions to a problem and how to make that shot amazing. You'll hear them talk about why this particular lighting scenario works best or what shutter speed they need to use.

2) They'll comment on film direction, lighting in a movie.

Don't ask photographers to comment on the storyboard or the actors in the film. You'll hear them mention how that lighting was dramatic, the cut scenes in the movie or the outfit design.

3) They like to be in control.

Everything photographers do is about control. They control light, control facial expressions, outfit, exposure, editing and so much more. Of course, they would want control in the relationship.

4) They are organized, but at the same time messy.

Photographers have a place for everything to keep their equipment stored and safe. But at the same time, when working their studios are a disaster zone.

5) They are perfectionists.

Well, photographers control everything and notice the most minute details. They notice the different shades of skin texture and when something might be off by just a touch.

6) They won't spend money on you.

Photographers do care about you. But they also got to save up for that new lens or softbox and trust me, that stuff isn't cheap.

7) They will easily ignore you when you're hanging out or on a date.

They will probably be focusing on how to take that perfect shot. Maybe they've passed by a leaf wall... they are already thinking about the shots they can create.

8) They are hoarders.

Photographers are known, hoarders. You never know when that piece of cloth or the hat from that New Years Party can come in handy.

9) You'll be their muse.

Photographers won't ever need to scout models for the concept they need to try out. That's what you are for. They'll make you wear ridiculous outfits and take you out at all times of the day for random shots. 2 AM or 12 PM, you'll be there with them.

10) You'll be their assistant.

You'll help them lug their equipment to and from a shoot. And no, you won't get paid. Remember, they need to save up for that new lens ;).

Well, there you have it, my list for why you shouldn't date a photographer. There are probably so many others to add to this list! If you enjoyed the post, please give it a like.


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