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The Gentlemen's Guide to Choosing the Right Suit

Choosing the right suit makes all the difference when getting ready for an event. The right fit is even more important to boost your confidence and make you feel as stylish and confident as possible. I had the pleasure to meet the owner of V-Cut Suits suits. We talked about suits, tips and tricks.

Here's what you might be doing wrong and how to get that perfect suit for a photoshoot.

group of guys with custom made suits
Image Courtesy of V-Cut Suits

Meet V-Cut Suits

V-Cut Suits specializes in custom-made suits from formal wear to topcoats and dress shirts. It all starts with what the customer wants, and V-Cut Suits make it happen. V-Cut Suits began when the founder needed a suit to attend a best friend's wedding. The owner was training at the gym at the time and one of the fellow gym rats suggested he stop by the suit shop where he worked. The owner of V-Cut Suits paid $1200 for a high-end brand but later found out it was more for a box cut shape when it arrived. The tailor suggested hemming the pants and sleeves to the correct length. The alterations did nothing for the cut of the outfit. With confidence shot and complete embarrassment on his face, the owner of V-Cut Suits attended the wedding with his baggy suit. V-Cut Suits hopes to save men from this level of humiliation by listening to its customers and making their wants and needs happen. Visit V-Cut Suits to see their custom options or follow them on Instagram.

According to V-Cut Suits, the biggest mistake in buying a suit is the fit.

Two men standing with wedding tuxedos
Image Courtesy of V-Cut Suits