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Publication to Off Town Magazine, Again!

Updated: Apr 20

It's been a whirlwind of the last few months. I am finally getting back on track with things I've missed posting about. In March, I got published in Off Town Magazine, yet again, with photos from an editorial shoot with Cieran Sheard and Simran Khurana. I met Cieran through a Facebook group and she had the concept of doing a high-fashion clean editorial shoot using lots of layers and random materials to create that fashion look.

Model sitting holding her head

Cieran found the lovely Simran who helped with hair & makeup to elevate the entire shoot. She was a pleasure to work with and got really hands-on with the shoot to make sure all the fine details were there.

I had a fun time challenging myself to create clean lighting with only two lights yet keeping it dramatic and fun. Shoots like this are created with a mood board first and sources of inspiration. I used a shoot-through umbrella on the background and a beauty dish as my main light.

If you're interested in ordering the magazine, you can purchase it here.


Photograper - Nirvaani Singh @studionirvaani

Model - Cieran Sheard @cieransheard

Hair & Makeup Artist - Simran Khuranna @makeupbysimrankhuranna


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