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Be Photoshoot Ready. Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making

Makeup applications techniques for a photoshoot are vastly different from your everyday wear. Doing makeup is a challenge for most, and being photoshoot ready can be even more daunting. Soniya is a certified make-up artist I had the pleasure of recommending.

women smiling with photoshoot makeup
Photographed by: Studio Nirvaani

I recommend Soniya to one of my clients. This lovely lady right here wanted to do a special photoshoot to commemorate her milestone birthday. Marie couldn't stop raving about Soniya and her makeup skills when we did her photoshoot. I couldn't agree more! I had the pleasure to talk to her about makeup, tips, and getting photoshoot ready. Retouching these images was a breeze because the makeup application was flawless.

Meet Soniya

Soniya Chanra started her makeup journey by accident. Like most girls with the love of makeup and all things sparkly, Soniya's makeup skills were so on point that others wanted her to do their makeup. Soniya had no idea how to recreate her makeup looks on others. She decided to take a Makeup Artistry Certificate course at the International Beauty Institute. Soniya felt more comfortable doing makeup on others with this new knowledge while keeping her practices sanitary.

Soniya built the dream most of us have. She went from a side gig to working full-time as a makeup artist. She said she loves what she does. Soniya works in the Mississauga area. Some makeup artists may not travel to see clients, but not Soniya. She's travelled quite a bit to do makeup.

Check out Soniya's website and follow her Instagram.

Doing your makeup may not be a good idea for a photoshoot or prepping for a wedding.

Mistakes You Might be Making:

Make-up for a photoshoot
Image Courtesy of Soniya

1) Doing your own makeup

If you are skilled at doing your makeup like Soniya, congrats, you're in good shape. But if you are like most of us and clueless about where to start, doing your makeup may not be a good idea for a photoshoot or prepping for a wedding.

2) Not using the right concealer or not using concealer at all.

Don't skip on concealer under the eyes. It helps to avoid dark circles. Opt for two shades lighter than your foundation and, according to Soniya, "blend, blend, blend".

3) Forgetting the setting powder

Setting powder is a must to keep your makeup long-lasting, and in place, so this is not a step you should skip. Setting powder is essential for areas where you use creams.

"The best tip I can give to my clients is to take care of their skin".

Makeup Tips to Get You Photoshoot Ready

photoshoot makeup with model in photography studio
Image Courtesy of Soniya

1) Hydrate and a good SPF never hurt anyone

Soniya says, "the best tip I can give to my clients is to take care of their skin". Water intake has the most significant impact on the skin. Drinking water and using a good SPF every day helps take care of and protect the skin.

2) Getting Makeup done professionally

Makeup for television is different from makeup for a bridal or everyday look. Professional makeup artists have often been put through many tests to handle all types of makeup. They know the right amount and applications for the different types of events. Having a makeup artist specifically trained to do photoshoot makeup will know precisely the proper techniques so you don't look washed out.

Model with crown for photoshoot makeup
Image Courtesy of Soniya

3) Go heavy on the make-up

When it comes to photoshoots, lights can often wash makeup out if you go too light. Soniya recommends going heavy with the makeup. Yes, we're talking big lashes and going heavier with your makeup layers.

4) Use a good base

Be sure to use a good primer before applying makeup for that flawless and smooth finish.

5) Colour correcting

If you are particularly good at makeup, colour-correcting techniques give you a flawless finish. Let me tell you, and it is apparent in Soniya's work! It saves a lot of Photoshop work from colour correcting skin in post-processing.

It's often best to do a trial with them to see if they can do the specific look you want.

How Do you Choose the right Makeup Artist to Work With?

model posing with photoshoot makeup
Image Courtesy of Soniya

Just like choosing the right photographer, choosing the right makeup artists means looking through their portfolio and seeing if they can create the right look for you. It's often best to do a trial with them to see if they can do the specific look you want. Each makeup artist has their style and techniques. Yes, it does cost more in the long run, but at least you'll avoid disappointment and surprises if your chosen makeup artist can't handle the look you want. Soniya says, "9 times out of 10 times it's worth it". Doing a trial is more important when getting ready for a bridal look. When in doubt, bring in inspiration and have an open and honest conversation with your makeup artist to see if they can create that makeup look.

I hope this blog post helped you get makeup ready for a photoshoot. Getting photoshoot ready often means paying attention to colour correcting and going heavy on your makeup application. Sometimes a good look is a smokey eye, and sometimes it could be a very editorial and creative look. Whatever you are going for, it's often best to book a professional as they know how to handle photoshoot makeup.

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